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My story

When I start to paint, I often don't have a clear idea of what I'm going to paint, I just open my heart and accept what the Universe wants to express through me. , who paints like this. I got a very strong impulse when I quite by chance found a special artist of Iranian-American  origin, Rassouli  and his extraordinary work, and I am also_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b5cf58d_ inspired by it. several paintings in this exhibition. So who am I as an artist?  Angel artist. An intuitive artist. A spiritual artist. Vision artist.  Whether it is necessary to define it, it is important for me that through my paintings I can bring more light to people, a higher vibration, a reminder that we are all divine beings, without exception. With my exhibition, I would like to thank all those extraordinary souls who have played an important role in my spiritual journey.


I thank 


Silvia Jõgeveri, who, in addition to teaching art at the Children's Art School, talked about the magical world and shared his unrealistic fairy tales with us.


Evald Hermaküla, whose extraordinary personality and interest in the spiritual world allowed me to become a part of the teachings of Mexican shamanic witches  and the teachings of Carlos Castaneda.


Leesoja witch - Thule Lee´d-  whose presence,  camps, hunger hikes, his warm and at the same time harsh nature have supported me for twenty years.


Reiki teacher  Tõnu Aru´t  and all our extraordinary  and powerful reiki group with whom we went for years and many of whom have now become doers in turn.


I thank Tõnu Talimaa, Ralf Neemlaid.  Brandon Bays´i,  Jashmuheen´i , Lorna Byrne, Anne Jirschi.


Thank you Kreet Rosinat, Monika Palmi and Kristiina Raie.


My greatest thanks are due at this momentFor Rassouli, to the divinely inspired artist and teacher.


I thank all  and the Creator for inspiration and support.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


May these paintings touch all open hearts and receptive souls who are ready  to receive more magic and wonder into their lives.Guardian angels soul mates

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